Fear the Walking Dead (Season 3, Episode 5)

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 3

Episode 5 (Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame)


Jeremiah’s Camp

Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 5, Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame, starts with a scene of a remote farm house on the edge of the compound. An old man and his wife were in bed when she passed and turned.He gets up and embraces her, knowing the end has come. He dances with her for a moment as she gums his neck (her dentures are on the table) before putting a gun to his head and taking them both out with a single shot. As they both fall their lantern breaks and the building catches on fire.

The rest of the community rouses, but Jeremiah tells the fire brigade to save the water, it’s too late to save the house.

The next morning Madison packs up to go on the patrol to search for the missing search party. While on the road the convoy sees a small horde and Troy decides they need to clear the undead so they don’t head up the highway to the camp. His team and Madison go down to a bus of convicts and Troy goes BA while Madison just barely holds her own.

When Madison and the convoy get to where the outpost was they find someone hauled away whatever they were expecting to find. Troy loads up his team and they get back on the road to go to the outpost. When they get there is appears deserted. Clothes are hanging on the line but no one is around. They smell smoke and burnt meat and follow it to a pile of dead bodies. I the distance an old man is sitting, his brains being eaten by a crow as he babbles. Madison takes her knife and puts him out of his misery. When the team turns to leave there is a newcomer there – and Indian fellow who look mildly menacing. 

Team Troy is surrounded by the newcomers and they are forced to give up their guns, their vehicles, and even their boots. The Indian wants Troy to tell his father to abandon the ranch or there will be war. Team Troy tries to hump back but it is dark and everyone had their boots taken away. Everyone is tired and hurting but Troy wants to force his men to march. Madison drops some truth bombs on Troy and then kind of pulls rank on him by asking the men if they need to rest. Troy isn’t happy, and he lets Madison know it by putting a knife to her throat while she’s sleeping.

In camp Alicia is hurting from spending too much time with the church study group who just happens to like to drink and smoke pot. After spilling some coffee she goes to apologize for being rude to Jake and they end up in bed together – but Alicia is clearly depressed. Jake tries to give her a book on poems but she doesn’t see the point.

Near the end of the episode Alicia is on top of a stone outcropping, looking at the sun before jumping. She lands in the small lake below and comes up laughing – maybe washed clean of her doubt?

Daniel & Strand

Daniel and Strand are on the road, making their way back to the hotel to get his daughter. Strand is playing a dangerous game with Daniel – trying to hedge on whether Ofelia will be at the hotel or not.

When they finally get to the hotel the gates are open and no lights are on. Victor doesn’t want to go in but Daniel doesn’t let that happen – he has to know if his daughter is inside and if she needs help. They are in the lobby  in the dark and they can hear the undead. To force Victor to talk Daniel rings the front desk bell and then leaves Victor behind when he admits that Ofelia bolted a long time ago.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Alicia using Alcohol and Pot to deal with her stress. I think a lot of people would. I wonder if she is going to fall as hard as Nick did?
  • Troy going totally BA on the bus of undead.
  • Nick trying to set up a date night for Luciana.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Alicia just jumps into bed with Jake? Did she at least have protection? Who wants to get pregnant during the ZA.
  • Luciana deciding to leave because she can see that Nick wants to stay.

Main Characters:

  • Nick Clark – Starts the season off by finding his girlfriend turned into a walker in a church. Has a addition problem.
  • Alicia Clark – Nick’s sister. Has already lost her boyfriend to the virus.
  • Madison Clark – Mother to Nick and Alicia. She worked at the high school where she met Travis Manawa, her boyfriend.
  • Travis Manawa – School teacher and Madison’s love interest.
  • Chris Manawa – Travis’s son.
  • Daniel Salazar – The Barber who shelters Team Travis in Episode 2.
  • Ofelia Salazar  – The Barber’s cute daughter.
  • Strand – The Instigator who Nick met in the detention center in S1, Episode 5.
  • Thomas – Strand’s significant other.
  • Celia – Thomas & Louis’s mother.
  • Jack the Radio Dude – Alicia’s radio boyfriend.
  • Connor – Jack’s boss and the leader of the boat pirates.
  • Louis – Strand’s friend. The one who was going to get Strand into Mexico.
  • Alex – Female from flight 462 plane shorts.
  • Luciana – Female who ends up helping Nick in S2, Episode 8.
  • Alejandro – the leader & Pharmacist who runs the colony.
  • Elena – manager at the Hotel who the other guests blame for locking them in.
  • Antonio – Elena’s sister who is with the Bandits.
  • Jeremiah Otto – Troy and Jake’s dad. The leader of the camp.
  • Troy – Crazy brother who was killing people to see how long it took them to turn.
  • Jake – Good brother who saved Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Nick’s girlfriend.
  • Efrain – Rescues Daniel in Season 3, Episode 4 when he comes “back from the dead”
  • Lola – the woman at the water plant who gave Daniel his job in Season 3, Episode 4.

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