Justice League

I honestly don’t know what the mediocre press was about Justice League?

I really liked the movie.

The fight signs were well choreographed, there was action, laughter, and a good story. So I really don’t get why some outlets were less than positive about Justice League. The only thing that was even mildly questionable was the way they portrayed Flash. He was a little goofy, but he also added some funny lines, so who’s complaining?

The only other thing I noticed was the difference between this director and the director of Wonder Woman. I loved Wonder Woman, it was one of the best movies of 2017 in my opinion. So what was difference between Wonder Woman and Justice League? The focus on Gal Gadot’s butt. Sure, its a nice butt, but I actually liked that Wonder Woman was about Wonder Woman, and there were no focused shots hyper sexual-izing the character. E.g. No butt shots that didn’t really matter.  With Justice League there were at least three times where the camera was placed so it got a shot of Gal’s backside.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful woman, I just think the movie was great without those extra ten or fifteen seconds of footage – and I know if i had daughters I wouldn’t want them to think that you have to a superhero god, and have a nice butt. Because that is a really high bar. Know what I’m saying?act

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