The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 12)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 12, Say Yes


Rick & Michonne

Say Yes kicks off with Rick and Michonne out scavenging, looking for anything they can find of value, including a bit of alone time. As they are out they find two people driving gold balls before moving on. Who were they? I don’t know.

Michonne wants to go back but Rick wants to keep going. Just a little farther.

While Rick is napping in the van Michonne hears a deer moving in the woods and Rick wants to get it for her as repayment for the one he took and gave to the Saviors. While they are moving through the woods they see a compound below them and find a zombie soldier with a rifle still on his back. They kill the walker and take his guns.

Once inside the compound they find a lot of brass on the ground. Large bore rounds.

Rick hopes it means there are military grade weapons to be found. Across from the compound they find an amusement park with lots of zombie soldiers around.

Many of them still have their rifles on their shoulders. Rick and Michonne are both excited until the ceiling of the building they are on caves in. Below them they hit the jack pot. A store room full of food.

The next day Rick & Michonne go out to clear the field. They want to close off part of the field so they can take the other zombies out without getting swarmed. Unfortunately their plan doesn’t work out quite like expected and when a zombie gets its rifle stuck on some debris they are forced to jump in the car they were going to use to plug the hole in the fence and then roll right through the gap which leaves them surrounded by biters.

After a quick escape through the sun roof they find themselves fighting to clear the amusement park. Like an idiot Rick climbs a Ferris wheel to take a shot at the deer and then falls and almost gets him and Michonne both killed.

After almost dying they go around the park and collect all the weapons.

When Rick takes the guns to the Trash People they aren’t as pleased as Team Rick would have hoped. They want more guns. This leads to a strange negotiation with the head woman of the Trash People. Could she not speak before the ZA?


Back in  town Rosita is still raging. She wants to take it to the Saviors now – and doesn’t care who she shows her teeth too. She goes out to find weapons but when she fails to find any she goes to Father Gabriel to rage at him. He tells her the truth. It’s easier to be dead but the group still needs her.

Meanwhile Tara is watching Judith, and she is agonizing over whether to tell Rick about the people at Oceanside. She knows they could use their help and their guns, but is afraid that if Rick went to find them it would just turn into a firefight before the Saviors were ever even involved.

Rosita isn’t ready to do it by Rick’s playbook. Instead she steals a sniper rifle and goes to offer Sasha an offer to team up. Sasha warns Rosita that if they do this they can’t be caught.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Michonne playfully plinking the cans from the amusement park shooting game.
  • Rick pulling the zombies lower body apart that was stuck in the car windshield.
  • Michonne’s double sword kill.
  • fuckyeahwalkingdeadmemes’s comment..
  • Rick telling Michonne that he’s been having trouble sleeping and baring his heart. It was sad but it was also sweet.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why is Rick so keen on staying away? I feel like with Carl and Judith back in Alexandria he might not want to stay away too long?


  • We see Judith with hair!!! Books:

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