The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 13)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 13, Bury Me Here


The Kingdom

Bury Me Here kicks off with a brief touching moment between Morgan and one of the kids in the Kingdom and then jumps over to Carol. She’s come to the Kingdom  to talk to Morgan. She’s realized that something must have gone wrong if Jesus brought Daryl and the others to the Kingdom. She suspects that everything isn’t okay but Morgan won’t tell her, he tells her she needs to go talk to Daryl. He offers to go with her to Alexandria but she doesn’t want to go yet.

Meanwhile Ezekiel is getting some bad news. Weevils have invaded his garden. The garden will need to be cut down and burnt to keep the weevils from getting to the main crops.  A short while later the Kingdom team goes out to make another drop to the Saviors only to find the road has been blocked by shopping carts. Richard gets them out of the truck and they move to get around the blockage, weapons drawn. It all turns out to be a rouse though. Richard was there earlier watching Carol. He’s trying to push Ezekiel to fight with Rick against the Saviors.

They move around the blockade and make it to their meet with the Saviors a little late. Things get a little tense when the Saviors want Ezekiel’s guns after they show up with only a 11 instead of 12 melons as tribute. Ezekiel (like an idiot) tells his people to hand over their guns, at which point the Saviors decide they need to teach Ezekiel a lesson. A gun is pointed at Richard’s head but he is to resolved to die so the gun shifts and we hear a shot before it cuts to commercial. At least if Richard had been the one who died it would have been fitting, since he likely staged the whole roadblock so he could get rid of one of the melons, knowing it would enrage the Saviors.

They shot the kid, but it was in the thigh and it sounds like they hit an artery. They pile into the truck to take the kid to Carol’s (where there are medical supplies) and Richard looks like the gravity of his actions have finally hit him. He got that kid wounded, and likely killed. Yep, he dead. This pushes Morgan over the edge. He wanders off, the voices back in his head. He holds a knife to his wrist and freaks out as the reality hits him. He remembers turning and seeing Richard at the roadblock. I think Morgan just connected the dots.

He goes back to the Kingdom and confronts Richard who spills the beans. Richard honestly thought he was going to be first. He didn’t mean to get the kid killed. For a brief moment you think Richard is sorry, but then he goes into a rant and tries to push Morgan’s buttons.

The next day they pack up the truck with a single melon and go back out to meet the Saviors. The Savior commander makes the guy who shot the kids walk back and threatens to kill him if he says a word. The dude starts walking and then Richard hands over the melon. For a moment we think the drop is done – then Morgan goes berserk and kills Richard. No one lifts a hand to save him, and that is before Morgan tells them what Richard did.

At first I was happy that Morgan did it – until he started to yap and told the Saviors he did it because he wanted them to know that “he” got it.

After Morgan goes back to the grave and finds Richard’s daughters backpack in the dirt he goes to Carol’s house and tells her the truth. Negan killed Glenn and Abraham.

Morgan leaves – to kill zombies or Saviors? I’m not really sure.

Carol goes to the Kingdom and tells Ezekiel they need to fight, and he agrees, but not “today”.

The last thing we see is Morgan sharpening his staff into a spear.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Morgan’s interaction with the young warrior.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The heart wrenching agony of knowing that Carol is about to get her world shattered again when she finds out how many people died at the hands of the Saviors.
  • Why would Ezekiel give up his guns? You have to realize at that point that the Saviors are going to hurt you if you don’t have weapons.
  • Morgan’s pain when he says his son’s name instead of Benjamin’s.


  • The first time we Richard get someone killed by trying to be sneaky. Books:

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