The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 16)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 16, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life



The First Day of the Rest of Your Life kicks off with a close in of Sasha’s face – and we can’t quite tell if she is in ecstasy or pain at first before we see her in a flashback, trying to hold onto Abraham. When she wakes up Negan is there, welcoming her to The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. He wants her to help him get Alexandria back into the fold. Some people are going to have to die – but not her.

The Kingdom

In the Kingdom Morgan has lost it. He was going to ambush the Saviors on his own. Ezekiel tells him he can’t go alone, it is time to band together and try and kill the Saviors once and for all.

Ezekiel tells Morgan he’s not lost, he is needed.


In the cellar it takes everything Daryl has not to kill Dwight. Dwight has a plan. They kill the Saviors coming to take Alexandria – then use the trucks to get inside Negan’s Sanctuary before going on to take out the rest of the outposts. As Team Rick get’s ready the trashcan people show up on bikes and riding in trash trucks. It is time for war.

Daryl and Rosita prep some of the explosives they took a few episodes back.

While Alexandria gets ready the Saviors are bogged down by the trees that Dwight cut down.

When the Saviors get to Alexandria Eugene shows his true colors as he tries to talk Team Rick out of putting up a fight. Just when we think the fight is going to start the bombs they planted didn’t go off and the Trash People turn on Team Rick.

It was all a set up.

Rick was double crossed by the Trash People.

Negan is gloating. He rolls out a coffin which apparently has Sasha in it. Negan wants all the guns, Daryl, and someone else to die. Rick wants to see Sasha before he’ll negotiate – which is when Negan bangs on the coffin and yells to her.

Which is when we find out that Sasha took the kill pill that Eugene gave her. When she comes out and grabs Negan Carl uses the distraction to start blazing with his pistol. There is a fast and furious gun battle – then Rick get’s shot by the leader of the Trash People and kicked off the platform.

Rosita has been hit, Michonne is getting the crap beat out of her and Rick and Carl are captives. Daryl and a few others appear to still be free.

Rick and Carl are forced to kneel in front of Negan. Carl tells Negan he’s not going to win – but Negan tells him its already over. Michonne is fighting on the rooftop and Rick looks up just in time to see someone scream and fall. Was it Michonne or the girl she was fighting? Negan continues to gloat before telling Rick he’s going to kill Carl. He’s going to try and do it with just one swing – because he likes Carl. Then he’s going to cut Rick’s hands off.

Rick tells him he doesn’t care – he’s going to kill Negan no matter what. Negan stands up and pulls back to swing when Ezekiel shows up – and his tiger.

There is an all out battle but unfortunately Negan and the Trash Lady both get away.

When Negan gets back to his base he tells his people they are going to war – and then the camera pans out to show a whole heck of a lot of Saviors.

We then cut back to Alexandria. Team Rick is beat up but not ready to give in.

Now we have to wait until Season 8 to find out how things turn out between Rick & Negan.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The way Daryl was about to put his knife through Daryl’s eye.
  • Ezekiel’s tiger showing up just in time to save the day.
  • As much as I hate the Trash People – I did like the fact that they had an escape plan with the flare gun and the smoke bombs.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why would Rick trust Dwight? Wouldn’t he assume Dwight’s plan was a trap?
  • Are all the Trash People slow? They speak like English is their 3rd language and or they all have brain injuries.
  • No one killed Eugene the moment he said he was Negan.


  • Trash Lady Leader wants to “lay” with Rick? That was just strange. Books:

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