The Walking Dead (Season 8, Episode 1)

The Walking Dead, Season 8

Episode 1, Mercy



The Season 8 premier, Mercy starts with Rick standing vigil over Glen’s grave, then jumps around to show multiple other survivors of last season’s premiere before cutting to Rick giving a stirring speech to his people.

We then see Carol and Tara on an overpass, waiting for something.

We then see Team Rick taking out sentries, killing Negan’s men so they can get in  a surprise attack.

Whatever the team has done, it involves luring in a horde.

Snipers take out the watchers on Negan’s main nest and then Team Rick rolls up in their armored cars and shoot off a few rounds to lure out Negan’s men.

When we get back from commercial we see Rick with a lot more gray in his beard as time jumps forward. He’s using a cane and the world seems much better – at least for a split second until we jump back to the war with Negan.

After Team Rick takes out some of Negan’s reinforcements Rick gives his opposition one last chance to surrender. They miss Negan, but seem to enjoy shooting out his windows at least.

We then get to see Daryl and Carol, ready to use their weaponized horde.

Daryl gets on his bike and uses some premade explosives to keep the horde moving in the right direction while the rest of Team Rick keeps Negan’s people pinned down with suppressing fire.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Rick’s speech. Anyone who takes or kills or terrorizes has to be ended. With no guilt.
  • Daryl and Dwight using notes and crossbows to communicate from inside Negan’s compound. Whatever is going down – is going down tomorrow.
  • Daryl killing the sentry and taking the dead guys spot on the car. Super casual like, super cool.
  • Rick cutting the walker down so it can eat the guy who told him that Carl was going to die and Rick would be begging at Negan’s feet again.
  • Tara after counting down to the hordes arrival when it is a few seconds late. “Close enough.”
  • Rick starting to shoot at seven when he is counting to ten.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • What was up with the crazy guy when Rick & Carl are hunting for gas? Was that supposed to show Rick might becoming too hard? Ba, its the ZA, you can’t be too hard.
  • Why wouldn’t you just open fire on Negan when he comes out of his building?
  • Come on Gabriel – first you stop to safe a traitor, then you don’t start shooting as soon as you hear Negan’s voice?


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