The Walking Dead (Season 8, Episode 2)

The Walking Dead, Season 8

Episode 2, The Damned


The Damned kicks off with what appears to be Gray Rick morphing into current Rick. It then shows Daryl, who doesn’t get the gray treatment? Does that mean Daryl doesn’t get the chance to go gray?

We then cut over to some hard nosed gal name Maree who works for Negan. She figures out something is going on just before Team Rick rolls up in their armored cars and open fire. The gun battle rages as Rick and Daryl sneak into the building, apparently looking for Negan’s armory. Outside Negan’s men start to flank and things get a bit hairy, at least until the dead start to come back and attack their friends. Inside the building Daryl and Rick aren’t finding what they expected. They can’t find the armory. Daryl does find a closet with some food and some empty cuffs, but no guns. Rick finds what looks like a bedroom before getting tackled.  There is a brief battle before Rick throws his attacker into a wall bracket. After finishing the fight Rick finds a little kid in a crib instead of the guns he was expecting to find. Is it Negan’s kid?

Elsewhere Jesus, Morgan, and Tara are back at the radar buildings. Negan’s people have put a double fence up and filled it with walkers.

After Morgan distracts the guards so their archer can take out the guards Team Morgan slips into the building and slowly take Negan’s men with silencers. As they are taking the building Jesus and Tara have a moral dilemma after capturing a hostage who nearly turns the tables on them. Morgan has his own close call after being gunned down with his fire team – but somehow his body armor saved him. After getting back up Morgan goes on a killing spree – cleaning house.

Elsewhere Carol, and Ezekiel are dealing with their own sneak attack. One of Negan’s lookout’s got away, so they have to run him down before their target is forewarned. They end up taking the runner down – or the tiger does at least – but it is too late, their target has figured out they are under attack.

When episode two ends it is not looking good for Team Rick. The attacks are on Negan’s bases have hit a bad spot. Rick is at gunpoint and Morales has called back the Saviors. Ezekiel and Carol are about to attack a forewarned enemy – and Jesus and Tara have a blood thirsty Morgan and a lot of hostages to deal with.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Morgan – “I do not die.”
  • When the dead turned and started eating their friends. Very nice.
  • Ezekiel – “Fake it until you make it baby.”
  • Morgan cleaning house after he nearly gets gunned down.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • So much shooting. More people would have been hit.
  • It was really hard to follow what was going down where because the story line jumped around so much.
  • Rick wanting to split up from Daryl when they are the top floor of the building looking for the armory.
  • I really don’t like all the moral strife over killing. After everything the saviors have done I don’t think you could show them mercy and expect everything to be okay in the future.


  • The first time we get to see Morgan cut through his enemies. It was awesome.

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