Assassination Nation (2018)

Let’s start out with what Assassination Nation is not. I watched the trailer and was expecting something closer to the purge. I was expecting more action and less Gossip Girl. I clearly didn’t have the correct expectations.

Assassination Nation has a simple concept. Someone hacks the town’s social media and begins posting everyone’s dirty secrets. This drives people to do horrible things.

I actually invited my seventeen year old to watch it with me (because I thought this was going to be more action and less soft core erotica) and was relieved he didn’t after the first half hour. Assassination Nation never even shows an uncovered breast or any full frontal nudity, but there are plenty of butt cheeks hanging out and hyper sexual texting and conversations. I tell all my boys that sex is normal and natural and that if they can’t buy condoms I’ll buy them (or to ask their older brothers). So I’m not a prude, I just don’t want to sit next to my seventeen year old son and watch teens prance around with their asses hanging out. End of rant.

So how was the movie? It wasn’t bad. The acting was good, and the sub stories were uplifting. The pro LGBT sub story will hopefully help some kids out there.

Overall I’m giving it a 65/100. Mostly because I felt like the movie couldn’t really decide what it was. It starts as a gossip flick and ends as a gore/shock/trauma shooter. The gear change was just a little too much for me.

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