Glock Pro Mags Versus Glock Mags

I live in a state where 10 round magazines are the most you can own legally. Having a lower capacity means I want more mags. Know what I mean? So I decided to stock up on mags for my Glock 23. I was surprised to see the massive price difference between OEM and Pro Mags.


I paid $30 for a single Glock Factory Mag.

That price seems reasonable until I saw that I could get 4 Pro Mags for $67, or $16.75 apiece.

So how do Pro Mags compare?

On price they are clearly a winner.


On functionality they aren’t quite 100%. They function flawlessly when it came to semi auto action. I didn’t have any issues with feeds or seating the mags. Where things didn’t work quite as well was on ejecting the magazines.

Part of the reason to have lots of magazines is so you can quickly reload. Drop the empty, load the next magazine. This is where the pro mags didn’t quite hold up to the OEM parts.

Yes, I first tried with empty mags, then was curious if a loaded mags weight would help it drop , which it did not. I was the only one at the range, and the weapon was always pointed down range. Don’t try this at home unless you can do it safely.

I think the reason the Pro Mags don’t drop without being pulled is that their retention notch appears to be significantly deeper than the OEM mags.

Pro Mag to Glock OEM comparison.

I am not a gun smith, so these are just my novice observations. Having said that, there is clearly a functional difference between these two mags.

If you look really carefully, you will also see that the edges of the release on the Pro Mag is not quite as clean.

The edge of the molding is rough and has bits of plastic/polymer that sticks off.

My next step is to clean those edges up with a small file and see if that improves the clip release.

In the end these Pro Mags are fine for the range, but I wouldn’t be putting them on a carry rig or rely on them in this state for a bug out / survival situation.

For the price though, these are great for the range.

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