Zombie Series – Resident Evil: Season 1, Episode 1

The new Resident Evil television series kicks off with “Welcome to New Raccoon City”.

Resident Evil

The story uses the familiar dual storyline method, showing us today, and yesterday in spurts. In the past Jade and Billie Wesker have moved into New Raccoon City with their father who is a high ranking Umbrella employee. In the current timeline Jade is thirty years old and has a child who she has left behind to investigate the infected.

This leads to the best action scene (for me) in “Welcome to New Raccoon City”.

After Jade gets a small cut the infected swarm and give chase. The scene was really well done and I’m hoping it sets the tone for some of the rest of the season.

After being chased, Jade ends up being taken in by another survivor group that scavenges the infected wasteland. It’s not long before we find out that Jade is wanted. Which is of course when we jump back to the other timeline to find out that Jade and her sister Billie broke into their father’s lab. Apparently even with the infected everywhere and the remaining population living in walled cities, teenage girls still get upset if animal testing is being used. There is of course a rule that if you have dangerous pathogens in a lab, the security is crappy enough that a few teen girls can get in with nothing but a badge and some audio of their father who works there.

What the girls don’t know can absolutely hurt them. While they have been providing blood samples to their father because of their health – what they don’t know is that he is using the blood to inject himself. Is he infected? I guess I’ll have to keep watching to find out.

This of course brings us to the episode cliffhanger. Jade is about to be captured so instead of falling into the hands of Umbrella agents she dives into the infected zone. Now we have to wait to see if she lives, and just how pissed off her sister is for getting mauled all those years ago.

Welcome to New Raccoon City earned itself an 80/100, making it worth your time. The writing and dialogue is good and the special effects are top notch so far. The story itself is fairly boilerplate for the moment, but I’m hoping there are some twists and turns in the coming episodes.

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