The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Season 1, Episode 5

Deux Amours (Two Loves) has team Daryl floating down the river. Laurent is enjoying the travel from the bow of the boat. Daryl and Azlan are inside the cabin, having a deep conversation. This leads to Daryl having a flashback – which in turn explains how Daryl ended up in France.


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The producers got this one right. Great story, awesome action, and lots of zombies. What is not to love about that?

Deux Amours Scoring

Deux Amours knocked it out of the park. It is the first perfect 100/100 for the series, and it was well earned.

Spoilers Below:

Deux Amours got me. I was enthralled by the story and action. I wasn’t ready for the cliff hanger ending. It left me partially stunned, then mad, then sad that I had to wait for the final episode to come out. It takes amazing writing and producing to make that happen.

The Good

  • I loved how Daryl comes in with a shit ton of Zombies for the harvesting group. It was also cool how he used sticks through their cheeks to “defang” them a little.
  • Laurent and Daryl have several touching moments. Clearly the kid is growing on Daryl.
  • When Daryl is remembering how he got to France on the boat. There is a scene where he plays wounded. I loved how the guards kicked him to try and make sure he was actually down. They didn’t just grab him and start to pull him out. Of course it didn’t save them.
Daryl Versus The Boat Guards
  • I’m not sure what was in the juice they are shooting into the walkers, but it sure looked cool!
The Juice

The Bad

  • It sucks that the kid at the Collection Camp didn’t make it.
  • Poor Azlan. I guess he got rammed into the spike on the pole?
  • Worst of all it was only 58 minutes long!
SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Deux Amours90
Season 12Alouette75
Season 13Paris Sera Toujours Paris 70
Season 14La Dame de Fer86
Season 15Deux Amours100
Season 16Coming Home100
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

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