Liquid Bandage Spray

I always keep a bottle of Liquid Bandage Spray in Medical Pouch. It is perfect for small cuts and wounds. I’ve used Liquid Bandage Spray on everything from blisters on my hands from cutting wood to closing small cuts and scrapes from hiking. It is great for those areas that bandages just don’t fit on that well. Between my fingers and toes and on scraped elbows and knees. This Bandage Spray seals out water and germs to help your wounds heal faster and reduce the risk of infection.

When I’m out and about in the wild, or just travelling for vacation, I always keep a bottle of this Bandage Spray in one of my bags. My kids are adults now, but I have a lot of nieces and nephews. Whenever there are kids about, there are scrapes and cuts. It is just a fact of life. My family knows that when there are wounded, they yell medic and I come running.

Liquid Bandage Spray Scoring

This Liquid Bandage Spray can have a Low Impact on your survival and scores 185/1000.

Don’t let the number fool you. Being on the list of top thousand survival gear items is a big deal. Just being on the list makes this critical gear.

  • Antiseptic treatment & waterproof bandage for scrapes, minor cuts
  • Seals out germs & forms a tough, protective barrier
  • Helps prevent blisters & calluses
  • Fast drying & waterproof
  • Helps prevent infection in minor cuts & scrapes
  • Dries clear, is waterproof, & stays put
  • Great for protecting blisters & calluses

First Aid Survival Gear

ImpactCategoryItemRankBuy NowEst Price
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Low Survival ImpactFirst Aid Survival GearLiquid Bandage Spray185Liquid Bandage Spray$6
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  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

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