Fire Starters

Fire Starters are a basic supply. Sometimes the wood is a little wet or you just want to get the fire going quickly. That is when these Fire Starters are your best friend. I’ve used them in the pouring rain with very little cover, and was still able to get a nice blaze going. If you are cold and wet these Fire Starters are your best friend.

Come winter, after a long hike or hunt, you don’t want to struggle to get your fire going. You are cold, hungry, and want to get something warm in your belly as soon as possible. These Fire Starters help you get warm faster, and let you start cooking without delay.

Fire Starters Scoring

I keep a Fire Starter or three in my Backpack for hiking and several more with my hunting gear. If weather or great hunting keep me out in the wild longer, it is nice to know I can build a fire to stay warm and cook. When it comes to survival, sometimes the only thing that keeps you from freezing to death is the ability to get a fire going, and these are critical to that effort.

These Fire Starters can have an extreme impact on your survival and score a 905/1000.

  • Easily and conveniently start a fire inside or outside.
  • Long-lasting wood cubes are the best choice for indoor & outdoor fires.
  • Made from 100% environmentally friendly wood blend and wax.
  • Ideal for camping, fishing & hunting trips.
  • Great use for grills, wood/pellet stoves, smokers, fire pits, and bonfires.
  • 100% waterproof fire starter cubes!
  • Contains 160 fire starter squares.

Survival Camping Gear

ImpactCategoryItemRankBuy NowEst Price
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearEmergency Blanket921Emergency Blanket$25
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearFire Starters905Fire Starters$27
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping Gear9 Person Cabin Tent8609 Person Cabin Tent$200
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping Gear9-Hour Candles5359-Hour Candles$30
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearInternal Frame Backpack525Internal Frame Backpack$80
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearFerro Rod Fire Starter513Ferro Rod Fire Starter$17
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearTitanium Canteen512Titanium Canteen$89
High Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearCampfire Cup Coffee Pot502Campfire Cup Coffee Pot$50
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearSherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket460Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket$70
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearInsect Protection Net455Insect Protection Net$25
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearBackpacking Trowel272Backpacking Trowel$16
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearCamping Table258Camping Table$72
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearPortable Camping Stove257Portable Camping Stove$160
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearHammock247Hammock$26
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearWeatherproof Pen236Weatherproof Pen$18
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearWeatherproof Notebook235Weatherproof Notebook$7
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearCamp Kitchen Knife Set213Camp Kitchen Knife Set$40
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearBiodegradable Body Wipes212Biodegradable Body Wipes$14
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearWaterproof Dry Bags209Waterproof Dry Bags$30
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearBackpacking Rain Fly208Backpacking Rain Fly$38
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearLightweight Hiking Backpack199Lightweight Hiking Backpack$30
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearWarm Weather Sleeping Bag198Warm Weather Sleeping Bag$30
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearSun Canopy Shade Sail197Sun Canopy Shade Sail$42
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearCamping Towels195Camping Towels$35
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearExtreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves183Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves$30
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearPop Up Privacy Tent182Pop Up Privacy Tent$45
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearUtility Bucket180Utility Bucket$40
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearPortable Camping Chair101Portable Camping Chair$100
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearColor Changing Packets for Fires100Color Changing Packets for Fires$12
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearBunk Bed Cots25Bunk Bed Cots$426
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearPortable Toilet12Portable Toilet$50
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Camping GearCatch Phrase Game2Catch Phrase Game$24
  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

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Razor Wire

Razor Wire is critical after a disaster. It serves so many purposes. Which camp do you think scavengers are going to raid first? The one with no fence and no Razor Wire or the one that is clearly prepared to deal with any intruders?

No, I do not put up this Razor Wire for routine camping, but we are talking about more than just regular camping right? Once the Zombies start biting or a natural disaster knocks out our infrastructure you are going to need to be able to protect your bolt hole from both the undead and from other survivors, and while this Razor Wire isn’t going to make a Zombie back off from pain, it is metal wire that is going to stop them from moving forward as long as you have it firmly strung between trees or other structures, just be careful and make sure the living don’t run into it by accident.

If you are lucky enough to have a heavy duty fence, this Razor Wire also makes a great deterrent to human survivors to keep them from trying to climb your fence and sneak into your camp. I like to put a string at the base of the fence. Wire tire it in place and then repeat it at the top of the fence. A really dedicated intruder is going to get through it eventually, but this is both a deterrent and well as a mechanism to buy you time to react.

Razor Wire Scoring

This Razor Wire can have an extreme impact your survival. It waves off many would be scavengers while also providing very real site security. This Wire scores 905/1000 and should be high on your list of critical gear.

  • Constructed of durable galvanized steel.
  • Designed for a long life.
  • Rustproof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Razor barbed wire has three coils and 147 feet in total.
  • Blade thickness: 0.02″; Blade width: 0.87″.
  • Blades are very sharp!!!!
ImpactCategoryRankItemBuy NowEst Price
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear927Door BarDoor Bar$95
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear926Weapon Mounted LightWeapon Mounted Light$120
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear925Flex CuffsFlex Cuffs$13
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear918Hammerhead CaneHammerhead Cane$125
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear911Brass CaneBrass Cane$36
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear909Cold Steel Defense Baseball BatCold Steel Defense Baseball Bat$25
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear908Condor Golok MacheteCondor Golok Machete$98
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear907Two Handed MacheteTwo Handed Machete$50
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear906Razor WireRazor Wire$77
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear890Pepper Gel SprayPepper Gel Spray$15
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear885Hidden Compartment ShelfHidden Compartment Shelf$105
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear880Biometric Locking Gun SafeBiometric Locking Gun Safe$110
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear815Mossy Oak CrossbowMossy Oak Crossbow$435
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear807Survival WhistleSurvival Whistle$8
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear784Anti Kick Deadbolt Strike PlateAnti Kick Deadbolt Strike Plate$30
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear765Shotgun Ammo Cartridge PouchShotgun Ammo Cartridge Pouch$14
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear740Tactical VestTactical Vest$136
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear735Vehicle Handgun MountVehicle Handgun Mount$50
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear700Air HornAir Horn$12
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear675One Handed AxeOne Handed Axe$77
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear602Chicken WireChicken Wire$88
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear601Throwing TomahawksThrowing Tomahawks$56
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear556Cyclone SpearCyclone Spear$105
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear555Damascus Folded Steel KatanaDamascus Folded Steel Katana$190
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear529Wireless Alarm KitWireless Alarm Kit$140
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear528Lock-It Block-ItLock-It Block-It$30
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear522Waterproof MapsWaterproof Maps$15
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear521Construction/Framing NailsConstruction/Framing Nails$9
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear508Kinetic Projectile LauncherKinetic Projectile Launcher$410
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear365Recurve BowRecurve Bow$113
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear251Fixed Blade KnifeFixed Blade Knife$20
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear249Lightweight Riot HelmetLightweight Riot Helmet$41
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear246Chainmail ShirtChainmail Shirt$200
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear240Self Defense UmbrellaSelf Defense Umbrella$133
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear238Gun MagnetsGun Magnets$30
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear237Concealment End TableConcealment End Table$105
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear234Tactical Axe Hiking StaffTactical Axe Hiking Staff$106
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear233Self Defense SirenSelf Defense Siren$36
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear222Firearm Gun SafeFirearm Gun Safe$70
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear194Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake RockHide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock$8
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear193Folding Pocket KnifeFolding Pocket Knife$36
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear104Book SafeBook Safe$14
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival Gear51Wall Mounted Gun HoldersWall Mounted Gun Holders$20
  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.