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Bad Gun Handling – Basic Safety

This kid should be really thankful that was just a paintball gun.

No eyes, no safe gun handling, and while I feel sorry for the kid, I don’t blame him. Basic safety should be a mandatory training, and yes, I do believe that anything even paintball/airsoft users should have to get a certification. It doesn’t have to be a six month program, but it should be at least an hour with a test, and if you can’t pass it, I’m sorry, you don’t get a gun, or a paintball gun, or an airsoft gun, or any other projectile based weapon like a bow or crossbow.

Bad Gun Handling – Spider killing

Yes, I know this is likely staged, but…what happened to treat every weapon like its loaded and don’t point it at things you don’t want to destroy?

These guys may be dangerous operators with massive gun experience, but the problem is when they do it, those who don’t have that knowledge and experience may think its fun to try and take the same picture.

Eventually someone will make a mistake, and someone will get hurt.