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Bad Gun Handling – Boom

This scares the hell out of me.

I don’t know exactly what caused this, so I’m sorry if this turned out to be a freak accident due to bad gunsmithing or commercial ammo manufacturing.

So why did I include it here. Because there are a few causes that are more likely, and those are all user associated things.

Did he set it barrel down? Is there debris stuck in the barrel?

Did he load is own ammo? Is it way over pressure?

Is the weapon maintained? Is this the 100,000th round and the gun’s never been cleaned?

The bottom line, be careful so things like this are less likely to happen to you.

Bad Gun Handling – Why Risk It

I think there are a ton of other ways to film this and examine the site picture without putting a gun in perfect alignment to your head. The only way I’m looking at a barrel is if its outside the weapon.

Sure, he probably cleared this gun, but you really should treat every firearm as if its loaded, all the time. If you need to examine a weapon like this, disassemble it so there is no way it can go off.

It only takes one moment of confusion to end in a tragedy.

Be safe out there people.