Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 10

Episode  10 – Eight Hours


The fighters have left on their raid while Uncle Scott and the team try to figure out what is going on with Ben. The last episode is a little choppy here and there, and leaves you hanging at the end, wondering what will happen next season.  So I guess it did its job in the end.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Pope – don’t worry, the safety is on. (It wasn’t.)
  • Thankfully Uncle Scott is alive.
  • Rick can really move.
  • The girl is super creepy, she’s starting to change.
  • Pope giving his resistance speech. As I’ve said before, he’s a d*ck, but sometimes you still like him.
  • Maggie making a pact with Jimmy.  I’d watch her back too.
  • Sweet, they took a Mech down. Just a few hundred more.  They do look cool when they are walking in unison though.  They fight like the British – line up so we can shoot you.
  • Jimmy is a lucky kid.
  • Karyn speaking for the aliens. “They didn’t expect resistance at this level.”

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Oh crap, Rick isn’t on our team anymore (if he ever was once he was brought back.)
  • Why do you have the fifty cal in a convertible?  Wouldn’t some armor around it be a good idea?
  • Rick tells Tom that he’s basically given the Skidders all the tactical info he has.  I’m sorry, but treason is treason.  It’s time to put a round into Rick’s head.
  • Weaver’s got a few trucks and fifty fighters, and he wants to strike no matter what. It just seems like bad tactics. Start picking mechs and Skidders off on the streets and see how many of the bastards you can thin out. Versus throwing away fifty valuable fighters on a suicide mission.
  • Tom sure can find everyone else who got shot up prettty fast.
  • Wouldn’t the aliens have ground units near the base of their mother ship?
  • Why is there an RPG in Massachusetts? And why did nailing a single fighter to do so much damage.
  • Why would Tom think that going with the aliens would keep them from calling Ben back anyway? What guarantee does he have?

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