Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 9

Episode  9 – Mutiny


Ann has discovered that the harnessed kids may be turning into the Skidders, but the discovery is overshadowed by Weaver’s erratic behavior.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Lourdes is such a sweety, but who gives uppers and downers to thier commanding officer without telling their boss (Ann)
  • Max rationalizing that he is staying away from Pope, just not that far, so he’s doing what his Dad said.
  • Uncle Scott working with Ben, even if what Ben discovers may not be so good in the long run. Uncle Scott is such a nice guy.
  • Tom motivating Pope to defuse the four bombs.
  • Pope talking about killing cooties.
  • Maggie telling Pope off.
  • Tom, Uncle Scott, and Ben talking about the radio jammer and Skidders.  I think they are setting something up for next season.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Tom isn’t freaked out enough when Ann shows him the harness inside the Skidder.
  • Is Tom’s weapon of choice changing? He usually has an AK but I think I saw a M4.
  • I guess Mech metal has a low melting point? Very convenient.
  • Rick is freaking me out. I get that Ben is trying to be his friend but there comes a time to let other people know.
  • Could Tom really take out a trained soldier in a fist fight? He was a history teacher.
  • If you’ve gone crazy (as in Weaver) can you regain your sanity so easily like he did when Tom confronted him?

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