Falling Skies Season 1, Episode 3

Episode  3 – Prisoner of War


The’ve found Ben, but the slaves are well guarded and they need to come up with a plan. They struggle to save Ben but learn a lot in the process.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The military briefing.
  • Noah Wiley as Tom – he’s a good actor even if he doesn’t have Derek’s abs. (Teen Wolf)
  • Pope is a “Culinary Artest”.  And a D*ck.
  • He was good looking for an older guy – you know he was like forty.  Slap.
  • Sawed off double barrel shotguns for when just one barrel isn’t  good enough.
  • Tom playing wack a mole with an alien’s head.
  • Maggie being dragged away. I think I know what the slaves eat and poop now.
  • There is something very creepy about the Dr.  I don’t like him.
  • Very cool harness removal scene.
  • The alien strategy to keep you from trying to rescue their slaves. (I don’t like the strategy, but I like how well thought out the storyline is.)
  • Pope’s food is good.  But he’s still a D*ck.
  • Oh crap the skidder can communicate with the slave kid they cut the harness off of.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • People would be freaking out over their kids.  They were just a bit too calm, not enough tears.
  • The Colonel Porter asking Tom to rescue just Ben so they can try an experimental surgery to take the mind control thingy off of him.
  • Mind control slaves? Do they eat, poop, pea? Do they take care of themselves? Or are they just run into the ground? Would aliens really use slave labor like this? Hopefully this will be explained as the series goes on.
  • Damn, they have to leave Ben behind, for like the fifth time.
  • Maggie is cute but wouldn’t her butt be a little smaller if she were a survivor eating beans and rice and walking all day, every day?  Sorry, just saying.
  • Isn’t anyone concerned that Tom brings an alien to homebase? Or Mike brings his mind controlled slave son there?
  • Why don’t the skidders have guns?
  • The aliens kill the slaves to try and tell the soldiers that if they try and rescue them they will kill the slaves.
  • Dr. Harris – I’m seriously creeped out by him.  And what was up with Tom’s wife and Dr. Harris?  It sounds like Dr. Harris was banging Tom’s wife and then abandoned her?  It’s a bit confusing.

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