Grim – Season 1, Episode 1

Episode  1, Pilot


Grim has a basic but interesting premise. The stories were actually case files, and the Grimms were the only people able to see through whatever glimmer the evils things put over themselves.  One of the descendants of those original Grimm brothers is now a local homicide detective, but he’s not aware of his families history, not yet at least.

The pilot was good, not great, but has potential. I defiently enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing more of the series.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Aunt Marie is super creepy when she’s sitting there with her bald head chopping vegetables. You don’t know she’s a “friend” yet.
  • The way the super creepy things are amung us, lurking, hiding, feeding off us.
  • I love Aunties weapon laden trailer. I wasnt one.!!!
  • Aunt Marie (the librarian) is covered in knife wound scars.
  • The house in the woods has just that touch of menace to it. I wonder if it is a real house?

Things that I did not like about this episode…

  • If you’re a cop and you start seeing people as zombies and monsters maybe you would want to see a psychiatrist? It’s not like he has a gun or anything.
  • Hmm, did they shoot an unarmed man in the back as he ran? It seems a little extreme.

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