Death Valley – Season 1, Episode 10

Episode  10, Assault on Precinct UTF


Bryan Callen starts off the episode with a great monologue. They really need to give him a solid five minutes in each episode.

This episode kicked ass. Was definetly an action packed episode.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carla puts a bullet through the bitten cop’s head. She’s awesome. Even when she’s not in Daisy Dukes.
  • Captain Dashel – “He died honar a horribly.”
  • I can’t wait to see Kirsten kick some ass Ninja style.  I just know its coming.
  • Awesome fight scene in the precint. And Billie got to take his shirt off.
  • Carla is awesome.
  • Captain Dashel plays hardball with Rico. (but he doesn’t realize yet that his neice is the one who emptied the arms locker – or at least that is my bet.)
  • Police charge is awesome. Stubeck killing a zombie with a drawer rocks.
  • Kirsten, you go girl. Kick some zombie ass and redeem yourself.
  • Chain decapitation!!!
  • Captain Dashel – “Hey no badge, I got this.” To the sound guy.
  • Captain Dashel – “The chinese use the same symbol for oppurtunity as they do for danger, which could explain how they drive.”  I can’t stop laughing.
  • Kirsten is a VIRGIN.  Ten times hotter.
  • Billie – “I’m tired of everyone around her fingering Kirstin….you know what I mean.” In regards to them all thinking she’s a turncoat.
  • Kirsten puts a stake through Rico. You go girl. Redeem your ass.
  • Carla know how to motivate John John. She promises him they’ll get a hotel room and he goes berserk.  He’s definetly in the zone.
  • Captain Dashel – “That is what I call a  whole lot of black power.” In regards to John John kicking some ass.  And then “It looks like my d*ck on a Sunday morning.” I can’t stop laughing again. OMG, Brian Callen rocks.

  • I think John John is going to get to have some fun with Carla. Lucky dog.
  • Did John John just die?

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Like you’re going to near a zombie body, ever.
  • Who shot Kirsten? WTF.  Oh, it was dark.
  • People, never seperate. Stay together, with your backs to a wall so you can fight.

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