Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross Book 1)

Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, #1)Along Came a Spider by James Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was looking for something a bit different to read and my brother lent me the Alex Cross series.

I couldn’t put book 1 down, and have already dug into book 2, breaking one of my own rules about not starting the next novel until I write the review of the one I just finished. But life has been hectic. Oh, well.

On to the story.

Alex Cross is an African-American detective who also has a degree in psychology. He works on the tough streets of D.C. where violent crime is an everyday occurrence.
James Patterson does such an awesome job of making Alex both tough and heroic, while at the same time showing his soft underbelly. The relationship between Alex and his partner Sampson is a perfect example. They are both very large, intimidating men, but they finish each other’s thoughts and the way they care about each other comes through in the book.

And of course there is Nana Mama and Alex’s two kids. I guess the bottom line is that Alex is a very well rounded character who comes off as very human. You can’t help but cheer him on and hope he comes out on top.

Which is the exact reason this book got a four instead of a five – I really liked the book and the story, but after getting emotionally invested in Alex and the connection between him and Jezzie the ending felt like a betrayal

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