Survival – Almost Out of Ammo

What do you do when you are almost out of ammunition and all you have is some birdshot left? There are still zombies walking around, and you are almost out of food and water, you are going to have to go out.

But birdshot isn’t going to break through a skull. It’s pretty much useless against the undead. So what do you do?

You carefully open the shotgun shell and put all the lead shot into a shallow tin pan, pie tin, anything made of decent gauge metal.

Put a hole through one end of the pan with a nail or your multitool.

Use that same multitool to bore some holes in a piece of wood (if you have a drill, go for it) just make sure you make the bore holes just a little smaller than the width of the shell.

You then melt the shot and tilt your pan to let the molten lead run into your bore holes.

If some of them are a bit too small, wrap a bit of class around their outside as you wedge them back into the shotgun shells.

You just might have enough rounds to get out and get enough food to last another day.

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