Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross Book 4)

Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross #4)Cat and Mouse by James Patterson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is so hard to describe. I can only say it is like the hot girl who will talk to you, but she has horrible breath. You can’t help but stick around, and hey, she’s talking to you which is a bonus, but in the end, you just can’t get around the fact that you know kissing her would be like licking a public toilet.
So what you might ask is so likeable about the book?
The story is awesome and Patterson can write a thriller like no one else. The story segments are great. It is the big picture that makes it fall apart. I actually commented on it in an earlier review, how I was afraid I could see the pattern emerging.
The moment Thomas Peirce was mentioned, and he was going to be a doctor, did anyone not know he was going end up being Mr. Smith? And if you did, do you start drinking before noon?
It was just so telegraphed and not a surprise at all. And that makes it very hard as a reader, because the line to line writing is so good, but it just sucks when you know how it is going to end thirty pages in. And at least for myself, it doesn’t help that I still couldn’t put it down.
Book 5 better not have someone in the FBI, a cop, or another person “on” the investigation doing the deed.
And for Christ’s sake, please move Alex, or put bars and your doors and windows. Your kids were almost murdered, Nana almost died, and you have now been assaulted twice in your house. Maybe if you are hunting crazy people, you should invest in some better security.
And that reminded me, after kids are attacked in their own home and beaten, I don’t think they snap back to normal so quickly.
Arghhh, I really liked reading it, but disliked it as a whole, even though I liked it. Damn you pretty girl with bad breath.

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