The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 3

Episode  3, Walk with Me



The episode starts with a helicopter experiencing some technical difficulties. The bird goes down in sight of Andrea and Michone. The helicopter pulls in an unknown group of survivors to investigate. And lo and behold, Merl is with the newcomers.

SO what are the people of Woodbury after?  I didn’t see a whole lot of women in town.  Is it the classic breeding scenario? – Nope, right after the commercial break the town looks a lot more normal. So what is the badness? There has to be badness.

The Governor seems real interested in other groups. I wonder if he is going to raid them? Is it a contest to see who can get the most supplies? Michone seems to feel that something is off in the Governor’s community, she keeps giving him the stink eye.  So the question is why? Why?  Only fifteen minutes left in the episode. Are we going to find out tonight or are we going to be forced to wait until next week?

Nope, we found out.  It is all about the guns and supplies. The people in the new community will pretty much kill anyone for their supplies. Interestingly, there are two groups in the community, those who know about the killings, and those who don’t. They keep the “innocent townsfolk” in the dark about how they are getting their supplies.

And then, at the very end, you see that the Governor likes to sit in a chair and watch walker heads in aquariums. (still not as weird as binders full of women)

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Michone uses her two zombies to carrry stuff, they both have backpacks on.
  • Michone don’t mess around. When her two “pet” walkers are making too much noise she doesn’t hesitate to take their heads.
  • Merl is back!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his dagger hand.
  • When the Governor says welcome to “Woodbury” – I used to work in Woodbury. I loved that line.
  • Michone is super intense, which I think is realistic. I think you’d have to be tough as nails to survive.
  • The Governor walking into the midst of the soldiers during the ambush.  Great Action scene.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Is anyone afraid of getting zombie juice in their faces when they are going at them with baseball bats?
  • Everyone at the new compound is a bit too clean.
  • The Governor walking into the midst of the soldiers during the ambush.  Great Action scene. But…I think it highly unlikely that they would be able to take out all the soldiers without a single one of them getting a shot off. And since the Governor was out in the open, I don’t think he would have gotten away without taking a bullet or too.

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