Conrad’s Quest for Rubber (Conrad Stargard, Book 6)

Conrad's Quest for Rubber (Conrad Stargard, #6)Conrad’s Quest for Rubber by Leo A. Frankowski

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was the worst book of the series for me.

Leo takes the last couple of books and retells basically the same story from the view of a peasant who was at Okoitz and then joins the army, re-hashing the highlights of the other books.

Unfortunately for me, the magic was gone. I remember readign this book years ago and thinking it was just okay – but on reading it again I wasn’t even able to finish it. It just got to be too boring.

I will miss you Leo Frankowski. I really liked the Conrad series, and was sad to see you passed away. I would have loved to read a conquest of Europe set of Conrad books.

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