Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross Book 2)

Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross #2)Kiss the Girls by James Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the second book and the intense psychological distress that Alex was in by the end of the novel. His pain and anguish were so intense. I actually almost through my ipad on the floor at one point because i got so mad.

Overall, a great second offering and a “can’t put down” read. If you like crime and mystery, the Alex Cross series is for you. Very well written, interesting twists, and you can’t help but love Alex and crew.

So why wasn’t this a five? (and these are small complaints, they just added up to cause me to remove a star).
1.) From the very start there were hints that the FBI lead Kyle may have been the killer. But the leads were so many and so blatant I wasn’t going to be happy either way. If he was Casanova, then it was just too damn obvious. If he wasn’t, then it was just to obvious those things were thrown in to mislead. Either way, just to obvious. Don’t hit me over the head with it.

2.) I absolutely fell in love with Kate. She’s a survivor, she’s tough, and I identified with her difficult past that made her into a stronger, if somewhat different, adult. The part where I almost through my ipad *spoiler alert* was when she was beat almost to death near the end. I hated that part of the book.

3.) Kate and Alex not getting together. Come on, they had this intense relationship, and killed a serial killer together, you bond over that. I just can’t see them not hooking up. Sorry.

4.) Who Casanova ended up being. It just annoyed me. It seemed like too many false leads and then it was “that guy”. Without any real hints along the way. This prob relates to issue 1. Instead of several small hints across multiple people, we got beat up with one or two, and then it was someone completely different.

So anyway, I can’t wait to start book 3…

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