The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 1

Episode  1,  Seed


It’s finally that time again. The Walking Dead season 3 is back!!!

The season premier starts with Rick’s small band of survivors charging into a house and clearing it, searching for supplies. And then, just as soon as they get to rest, the horde is approaching. They’ve been looking for somewhere to survive, but it looks like they are running pretty ragged.

The first episode was a home run. The team is working hard to survive, and fight to clear a prison, trying to find a place to rest and heal. Which is especially important to Lori, as she is about to pop.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The fight scenes as they were clearing the house rocked.
  • Finding the prison and taking the yard was awesome. I heard rumors the producers were trying to cut the budget for the show.  I am glad to see no evidence of it so far.
  • Don’t f*ck with the black lady with the sword. She’ll kick your ass.
  • The zombies in the riot gear. That would  make things hard. The special effects when they pull the gas mask off and it takes the flesh off was sweet.
  • The carabiners and chains is an ingenious way to to close the gates. A great survival technique against the zombies when there are fences to be closed.
  • Glen macking on Maggie. Checking for “scratches”.  You go Glen, get it while you can.
  • Michonne  and her sword. That thing is mean looking. And where did they get the armless dudes on chains? Or is that CGI?
  • Lori talking about “what if the baby is stillborn and is ripping me up from the inside?” The thought is chilling and scary, and the whole scene between Lori and Hershell is very powerful.
  • The glances between Carl and Beth (I think that is Hershel’s younger daughter’s name). The careful glances are very sweet. I hope that doesn’t mean that Beth has to bite it soon.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I get that it is a hard new reality, but letting Carl take point with a semi auto just feels like they are asking for trouble. Teach the kids how to use it, and let him, but keep him close in case he panics or freezes. Why put your kid at risk?
  • When Rick takes the keys off the dead guard in the cell block, I still think he would have put his sword into its head.  Just to be safe.
  • OMG, did they really make a Walking Dead Facebook game?  Really?
  • Andrea trying to push Michonne away. Is she really that suicidal? If she get’s left she is dead.
  • The fighting in the prison when they try to explore it is a little chaotic.  And then Hershel just steps over a walker. You’d think that they would just hit everything as you went by it as a survival thing.
  • Will chopping a limb off really save you once you are bit?


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