Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 1

Episode  1 – Omega


First of all – OMG – season 2 is finally here!!!  My oldest son and his “twin” and I are ready to watch teen wolf and my wife is complaining that the room just very gay.  Oh well, we don’t care.

The season opens with Jackson coming out of the water, clearly having been bit.  And Scott and Allison are getting it on, even though her dad has clearly forbid each other from ever seeing each other again.  It gets very hot and then Allison’s mom interupts them.

Allison has apparently convinced her dad that Scott is a good werewolf, and Mr. Argent has apparently agreed to let him live as long as he stays away for his daughter.

Strange things are going on in town, and Stiles and Scott aren’t sure if it’s Lydia or Jackson, or maybe both of them going off the wall as they start to change.

And the best part is that we get another dose tomorrow night.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Brief hotness between Scott and Allison.
  • Creepy shower scene with Lydia. What the hell is coming up the drains? Hmm, bad memories and something worse…
  • Stiles fighting a snack machine. Stiles rocks.
  • The gravedigger getting ambushed, and then trapped in the hole. What is Derek up to? Is the “big bad guy” going to be a vampire this season?
  • Jackson. He is such a douche, but at the same time he play sit so well. I wonder if he really is an ass*ole in real life.
  • Something freaky deaky is going on with Derek. I think he is going to be a “special” werewolf.
  • Scott is so sweet, leaving stuff in Allison’s locker and then comforting her when she’s having a panic attack.
  • I have to go back and refresh my memory, I can’t remember what Stiles dad did to the teacher who is such a prick during dentention.
  • The Godfather of werewolf hunters has arrived. Grandpa Argent has come to kick some ass. I wonder if Grandpa Gerard is going to keep the truce when it comes to Scott.
  • A few brief seconds of Lydia’s arm bras. We didn’t get to see much more than we would if she were in a bathing suite, but it was still nice.
  • The homeless dude werewolf and the sword. Grandpa Argent is a sick bastard. And he doesn’t know the definition of Omega either.
  • Derek looking like he’s leaking everywhere in his bed.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Scott sniffing the way out the window. They should have had him on the hood of the jeep.
  • Apparently werewolves about to turn leak ink out their noses, and then there is no evidence when they get pulled out of the stall.

Best Quote of Episode 1:

Scott – “Stiles, next time you see a trip wire – don’t trip it.”

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