Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 2

Episode  2 – Shape Shifted


I am so happy they ran the second episode tonight.

It opens with Isac getting bullied by his father, and then running. The realization scene where his dad see’s something he doesn’t know is human is awesome. Very well done.

And then in a strange twist of tasers and plotting Grandpa Argent becomes the principal of the school.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Isac’s dad’s face when he realizes it isn’t something human on the street was priceless.
  • Stiles is the best. He plays the quirky/funny/odd best friend so well. I love it when he tells the coach “Wise choice,” coach when all the chain comes out of his locker.
  • Jackson getting the camera so he can see what is happening during the full moon.
  • When Scott is in the basement of Isac’s house I had chills.  The scratch marks on the inside of the freezer chest…
  • Jackson’s porn setup for his wolf out session.  You just know this isn’t going to end well.
  • Allison shooting her dad’s henchman with an arrow. You go girl.  And then she gets to wrap scott up in some chains. Not my thing, but I guess it is still pretty hot.
  • Derek and Stiles going back and forth. Stiles is such a smart ass. And Derek is a smooth talker. But why isn’t Derek changing? (Oh, I guess he can control it since he’s the Alpha)
  • Uh Oh, I think there is something other than Scott in the house with Allison. The breathing is uber creepy.  I don’t know what is in the house, but it doesn’t look like a werewolf…
  • Lizard demon? A sleestak? Do they have to pay the land of the lost owners royalties?

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why wouldn’t Scott tell Allison about her grandfather? You think he might want to let her know that her grand pappy cuts people in half.
  • Jackson is such an *ss. He is so mean to Lydia when she is trying to be nice to him.
  • Derek has a p*ssy car. Really, get a Mustang.
  • I think they are using the term Omega wrong.  Omega’s have no need to fight for pack status, I don’t think it means a lone wolf.
  • If I get out of my car and see arrows in the tire, I’m not going to non chalantly stand around.
  • I’m pretty sure that freezer chests have airtight seals.  I hope no dumb kids get any ideas from this show.

Best Quote of Episode 2:

Allison – “They won’t split us apart.”

Scott – “Not us.”

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