Any Argument Too Far

Slavery – If the citizens want that, I’d vote for it. Because that is a Republic.

I disagree. If the citizens vote to crucify bums, would you vote for that? No matter what else happens, you have an obligation not just to follow your voters blindly, but to help guide them and steer them, and at time, not obey blindly.

There is still right and wrong. There is still morality. Is it moral to take food away from poor children because the ultra rich want another tax break? We are the richest nation in the world, but the problem is that most of that wealth has become ultra concentrated at the top.

Those people at the top get huge benefits from the system. They use our roads to ship their products. Our police and military protect their wealth. If I get a home security system for my 500 foot house I pay less than if I have a 30,000 foot mansion. I pay more because I get more. The ultra wealthy argue the opposite. They get to pay 15% on capital gains. That is immoral. You want to improve the economy?  Swap the tax system. Have everyone pay 15% up to they make 100K and then everyone pays 38% after that.

Our deficit is gone and the working class gets a huge tax cut.

“The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.”
-Robert Anthony

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