Defiance Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode  3 – Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go


The episode starts with a man in a red shirt going for a run that ends with the fellow getting drug into the grass and killed. When Nolan and Irisa go to investigate she starts to get visions.

Back in town Kenya is “working” with a client when things rapidly go bad. Her client gets ripped in two by a Hell Bug. As Irisa looks at the tattoo on what’s left on the dead man’s arm she gets another flashback.

The doctor meanwhile discovers some attack pheronomes on each of the bodies, leading Nolan and team to believe someone is targeting the victims. After the attack at Datak Tarr’s place Nolan and the Doctor find everyone at McCawley’s house and discovers Christie’s clothes are covered in the attack pheronome.

As Nolan and team look through documents at McCawley’s, looking for a reason for the attacks, Irisa gets another vision before running off. Nolan finds her at a burn down homesteader’s shack where she’s seeing what happened years before. She struggles as images of a family being slaughtered flash through her mind.

Nolan is convinced Irisa is having seizures but Irisa is sure the visions are real. She confronts Sukar, and then we get an awesome shot of a sweaty Irisa going through a sweat lodge therapy so she can find Rynn, the girl she’s been seeing in her visions. The girl who has been targeting the Hell Bugs to get her revenge.

With Sukar’s help Irisa is able to see where Rynn has gone, leading everyone to the mines. But in the process Irisa get’s mad at Nolan because he’s framed her visions as PTSD, never realizing that his adopted daughter was actually seeing actual events from the past.

Once at the bottom of the mine Rynn gets the drop on the team, but Irisa talks her down, telling her what she saw, reminding Rynn that her parents were good people, they would not want her to continue down the path she’s chosen.

There’s a brief scuffle, some explosives, and then Nolan and team are escaping as some Hell Bugs are turned into mush.

Overall a good episode, but there wasn’t quite enough action. Still, Irisa makes up for a lot. And the closing credits had a touching song with a lot of parent/child emotional moments in it.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Keeping true to the Star Trek mythology, the guy in the red shirt dies.  Am I the only one who noticed this?
  • Irisa is the cutest girl on TV at the moment.2013_Defiene_E3_Irisa_1
  • When they are picking up the boy parts they aren’t sure if its a boy or a girl, and Irisa confirms the gender, then puts something in a bag. Sick, but made me smile.
  • Datak Tarr coming out of the house after killing some Hell Bugs and saying “Maybe we should eat out.”

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The killing of the family was a little brutal. I like to watch the show with my eleven year old.
  • Nolan seems just a bit too willing to rub Hell Bug poop into his hair.

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