Defiance Season 1- Episode 9

Episode  9 – If I Ever Leave This World Alive


At the end of the last episode of Defiance the plague had hit. Episode 9 starts right where that left off. Humans and Irathiants both carry the flu, but the Iraths don’t get sick. Lucky them.

Just in time for the outbreak the earth republic decides to show up and quarantine the town.

In the mayors office the city council has decided that to save the town they need to isolate the Irathiants. I’m sure that will go well.

When the council sends their thugs to capture Irisa Nolan is forced to raw down on Rafe McCawley, and only Irisa telling him to stand down keeps things from getting bloody. I do like the way that Nolan is ready to go down shooting to protect her. A father should protect his children no matter what.  The one thing that I didn’t like is that Rafe pulled a pistol on Irisa. If I was Nolan, I’d wait for a dark night and put an ice pick in the back of Rafe’s skull and leave him lying in bed for his kids to find.

Luckily, the doc was able to get a message out to San Fran, and a cure has been air lifted out to the badlands. Nolan takes the earth republic puke with him to go retrieve it while the town rages with infection.

In the quarantine section of the mine, one of the miners kills Irisa’s friend, really pissing her off.

Meanwhile, Quentin gives up the artifact to the old mayor to find out where his mother is. It turns out that Quentin’s mother is alive, but suffering from bipolar disease. His mother went crazy when she ran out of meds, and the mayor snuck her away after she deteriorated.

On the way back with the meds Nolan and the earth republic dude get ambushed by Irathiants. Datak Tarr gets the meds from the ambushers in a nice display of bloody anger, including killing the earth republic dude because he saw Datak begging for his life, which is a major no-no for an Castithan.

At the very end of the episode the old mayor meets with Doc Yewell, and tells her she has the artifact that Quentin gave her. The Doc urges the old mayor to destroy it, but clearly she is also intrigued by whatever power it represents as well.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Irisa threatening to bite one of the people throwing stones. She is so fierce and hot.
  • Irisa kicking some ass when the council enforcers come to put the Irathiants in isolation.  Then, when they overpower her, Nolan is ready to draw down on everyone to protect her.
  • Irisa and Nolan hugging at the end of the episode.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I don’t like how everyone calls Irisa “Little Wolf”. That should be saved for special folk like Nolan.
  • How the hell does the council expect to isolate the Irathiants without Nolan?
  • Who paid for the cure?
  • Amanda lost her old earth republic boyfriend.

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