Sporting Clays

Thank you to my buddy Don for taking me out to his club to shoot Sporting Clays. It was my first time, and while my score was bad, I had a ton of fun doing it. It was a cold but beautiful day, and the walk through the woods was nice.

Then there was the shooting. I accidentally grabbed my son’s gun when I packed up this morning, and that hurt me a bit in accuracy I think. Its an 870 Supermag, while I have the regular 870. His is two inches longer and just a bit heavier than mine.  (I’ll blame that on at least a few points.)

Then of course there is the pump versus semi auto and or over unders, which I was competing against. Having to pump definitely makes it harder, but I think I’ll stay with my 870.  It makes it a bit harder, but I think the challenge is good in the long run. I can’t wait to get back out there now!


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