The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 8)

Episode 8, Too Far Gone


Episodee eight, Too Far Gone starts right off with the Governor pitching his plan to overtake the prison. He’s already got Hershel & Michonne, and he plans on trying to ransom them.

The Governor’s new girl, Lilly, doesn’t want him to do anything to try and take the prison, but he won’t listen. All he can see is his new little girl, and he will do anything to keep her safe.

Back in the prison Glenn and Maggie re unite while Rick and Daryl have it out over Carol. Daryl is mad that Rick kicked Carol out, but seems way more okay with it than I thought. Rick & Daryl go to tell Tyrese that some form of justice has been done.

When they find Tyrese they discover that he’s found a board with an animal nailed to it. Tyrese thinks it must be the same person who killed his two family members, and Rick tells him he doesn’t think so. Apparently they have someone with a serious mental defect in the prison.

Rick is just about to tell Tyrese about carol when the Governor uses his tank to knock on the front door of the prison. Oh crap, they have a tank!2013_TWD_S4_E8_TankDaryl

Back at the river, Lilly let’s her kid play a few hundred feet from her and of course the kid ends up getting bit. How do you not keep your frickin kids close to you during the zombie apocalypse?

I can’t believe they killed Hershel! I loved that old man. He brought such a sense of peace when everything was upside down. I guess there is no presents now:2013_TWD_S4_E8_HershelDies

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The Governor’s bullsh*t motivation speech to his people. It was wrong, but it was good.
  • The look on Hershel’s face when the Governor tells him he’s willing to kill Maggie and Beth because they aren’t his daughters. It was a pained, it hurt to watch. Hershel is such a good actor.
  • Maggie and Glenn re uniting after he wakes up. I’m so glad he made it.
  • Daryl telling Carl not to shoot. Daryl is always a rock to rely on.
  • The bus pulls away. “We’ll figure it out.”
  • Little kid militia. That was so awesome and wrong at the same time.
  • Michonne saving Rick from the Governor. Way to go ninja girl.
  • Daryl takes out a tank with a grenade, you awesome man you!

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Lilly acting like she doesn’t want what the Governor is preaching. If you were a mom afraid for you kid, don’t you think you’d be eating that up?
  • Why is Megan a hundred meters from everyone else? Don’t these people learn? There is a one meter rule when zombies are walking when it comes to your kids.
  • Hershel gets his head cut off! Come on, we love Hershel, he can’t die.
  • Michonne letting the Governor on the ground in pain. Take his head off. (But at least Lilly finished him off.)
  • Is Judith dead?

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