Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 3

Episode  3 – Fireflies


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2. They are well worth watching again.

At the end of the last episode Scott and Derek have broken into the vault only to find that  they had fallen into the trap the Alpha Pack’s had been planning all along. To save Scott Allison breaks the containment circle, unleashing rabid werewolves in the process. Derek also realizes that his younger sister, whom he thought was dead, is still alive.

Out on the town, Boyd attacks to children only to be distracted by a jar of fireflies that bought the kids their lives (in combination with Scott saving them.)

Unfortunately Lydia appears to be losing her mind again. Her mental state is not helped when she finds a body in the life guard stand at the pool.

Scott and the “good guys” meanwhile are chasing crazed wolves around the woods, but the body that Lydia found is all the way on the other side of town. Scott is feeling the pressure and figures they should ask a professional werewolf hunter for help. Mr. Argent doesn’t want to help but Scott tricks him into driving him to the crime scene Lydia found, forcing him to realize more people are going to die if he doesn’t help them.

Something very odd is going on with Lydia, and the last time she was having “moments” it was because of Peter.

At the hospital Scott’s mom shows Styles the body of he kid they found a the pool, but the body has multiple wounds that don’t match what a werewolf would do. Styles put a few details together and realizes the none werewolf killer is going after virgins.

With the help of the Argents the good guys trap the two rogue werewolves in the school basement, but as luck would have it, the cute english teacher is working late. Derek goes in, not willing to let another innocent lose their life.

Derek ends up getting eviscerated, but he’s alive.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Hot female campers making out. Too bad it was ruined by bugs.
  • Styles being awkward around Lydia. It is very sweet, even if she doesn’t get it.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • So you have something to herd the werewolves and you drive them toward the school? I get that it is nightime, but still, the school?

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