The High Cost Of Low Taxes

They want lower taxes for the top.  It’s crazy!

And it just keeps going on and on. Millionaires paying less than half what the working class do in terms of a % of their pay, while forcing more and more of the cost of their profits onto the middle class.

The average US citizen puts 13,000 miles on their car per year.  Walmart puts just less than 1 BILLION miles per year of road mileage on their vehicles.  But we are paying a huge % of the tax burden for that infrastructure they are using.

Is that fair?

And they don’t even pay a living wage to their workers, so we further pay to give their employees food and health assistance.

And yet the millionaires at the top keep screaming that they need lower taxes, that we need lower taxes.  But the we there isn’t really we.  Its them, it’s people at the top. It is not fair. It is not good. And they are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Vote out anyone who says lower taxes for the rich or for corporations. Lift your voices up and do something. I want my kids and your kids to be able to get jobs and have a decent life.

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