The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 4)

Episode  4,  Indifference


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The fourth episode, Indifference kicks off with a creepy discussion between Carol and Lizzy the crazy kid while Rick is packing up a vehicle to take Carol somewhere. Carol is telling Lizzy they are going to get food, but I think that they are going out to “drop” Carol off somewhere.

The real question is what does Rick do with Carol? Does he buy her “I was trying to save lives,” story?  Does Carol’s skill as a healer outweigh her bad deeds? Carol pops the hippy kids arm back  in its socket as Rick watches, still thinking about what to do.

Carol tries to convince Rick that she is doing what was needed, and it was no different than what Rick did to Shane. Except I believe it is. She could have gone to the council and made sure that the two infected people needed to be quarantined and put in locked cells. Anything until you knew they were going to die and turn no matter what.I think you need to get rid of her, especially since she seems to being further down a hardline path.

The medication rescue party finds the vet clinic and get the meds. Now all they have to do was get back to the prison with the meds.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The price of gas spelling out “hell”.
  • The zombies coming out of the overgrown wall of vegetation.
  • The survivor in the house “We have fruit. – Catch – Or don’t.”
  • The little love story between the two survivors that Rick and Carol find. A little bit of happiness in the end of the world is always nice.
  • Michonne “Anger makes you stupid, stupid gets you killed.”
  • Daryl facing off the alcoholic when they find the booze in his bag.
  • Rick telling Carol that she can’t come back. Finally he does something that I think is logical.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Carol telling Lizzy not to call her Mom. It was sad to remember her daughter.
  • Rick letting the two new kids go scavenging. The girl can barely walk and the guy just had his shoulder put back in its socket. And Carol is pushing them to go do it because she wants more supplies?  Is she all about the “greater good” now? Anything for the masses, even if it kills two innocent kids?
  • Damn, the girl got eaten. I was really hoping the two new kids would make it.

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