The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 7)

Episode 7, Dead Weight


The seventh episode, Dead Weight takes up right where episode six left off. The Governor and his new family have been taking in by some remnants of his old group. The Governor and his newly adopted little girl are playing chess, and we get a whole lot of interesting statements said by both. The little girl pulls at our heart strings as they try to make the Governor more sympathetic.

The new group has a contribute or get cast out model. I wonder how long before this puts the Governor at odds with their new found friends?

Back in the Governor’s little camper we see Lilly has become his new love. She doesn’t care about the state of the camper, she just wants to be with him.

Things in the new campy get quickly out of hand. The Governor and Martinez have a misunderstanding and Martinez ends up dead. The leadership vacuum rapidly puts everyone with a gun at the new camp on edge. Who is going to lead? Do we scavenge and look for supplies or do we kill anyone who has what we want?

The Governor decides to flee before everything goes bad, but after trying to flee he realizes that his best bet to keep his family safe is to take over the camp. He kills Pete and then talks to the man’s brother, trying to convince him that they can work together to keep the camp going.

The end of he episode ends with Megan finding a walker and almost getting bit, which solidifies the Governor’s plan that they need to find a better place. Does this lead him back to the prison? Does Rick and his people currently reside in the better place?

We got the answer in the last scene as he is standing where he was a few episode ago, looking down on the prison. He walks a little further into the woods and finds Hershel and Michonne.

The Governor wants the prison, and he’s coming to get it.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • When the camera pulls back and the Governor is standing next to a tank. It was a nice unexpected visual.
  • The feeling that when the other dude tells the Governor, “You better watch yourself one eyed Brian.”-That the Governor is going to kill him in short order.
  • The headless body tied to a tree with the “Liar” sign on its chest.
  • Is Lilly’s Smith and Wesson carrying sister a lesbian? It seemed like she was flirting with the cute army gal with the M4. The answer is yes. They have a sweet little side love story going on.
  • The Governor/Brian killing walkers with his bare hands. He’s not afraid to get dirty.
  • What happened in the cabin? I’d like to know what went on there, but I doubt we’ll ever find out.
  • The horrible kill scene while they were golfing when Martinez learns its not a good idea to tell the Governor he’s going to lose his new family.
  • The swamp walkers stuck in the mud. Very awesome.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Where are they getting all their batteries for their flashlights? It seems like everyone has unlimited battery power.
  • The new group relaxing out in the open. I would have thought they would want some fences and a wall. Although at least I saw people walking around on patrol.
  • The evil SOB telling the Governor that he will lose his new family, it is just a matter of time.
  • The Governor thinking that he can kill a man’s brother and keep him around.

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