TWD – What Do You Do With Carol?

So what do you do with Carol?

Where Dave & Karen close to death? Was she afraid that they were going to turn and hurt people?

Does it matter how close they were, if they were still alive? (Which I would argue they were based on the blood trail – dead bodies don’t bleed so much, there was still some blood pumping through those bodies)

So if you were on the council what would you argue? Put her out? Put her to death? Bury the problem?

My fear is that once she has gone this far, how far will she go next time? If Judith gets the sniffles will that warrant a drowning in a bucket? I think you don’t have much choice, you have to isolate her, which means feeding or watching her, or killing her. I wouldn’t put her out, she might end up sniping at you or bringing a horde back down on you sometime in the future.

That leaves very little left other than a quick and painless death. A round to the base of her skull and life goes on.


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