Valley Forge Gun Show Post Mortem

The show was interesting.

It was the first gun show I’d been to in PA and I was expecting a few different things.

I was expecting a lot more used inventory and a bit more selection. I’d say the show caters more to “home defense” weapons versus target or hunting shooters.

I only found one of the things on my list, and found a substitution for another. I’ll let you know how they shoot after we go to the range tomorrow.

1.) Remington 870



What I wanted was a used 870 at a bargain price with the synthetic black stock.  What I got instead was a very well priced new 870 and I am going to need to modify it myself with about $80 bucks of replacement parts. (I hate the fake plastic wood so I am going to get some black replacement parts)  Can’t wait to shoot it tomorrow. ***Correction – it actually is real wood and looks quite nice. The one at the shop must have had lamination applied to it or maybe it was plastic? – but when I assembled my 870 this morning it is quite aesthetically pleasing. Don’t think I’m going to change a thing. End Correction***

2.) I was hoping to get a single shot Rossi youth 410 shotgun.  What I got instead was a Stoeger STF 3000 over and under.  It is a lot nicer gun, but was well over what I wanted to pay.  Still, my boy was really happy.  Can’t wait to see him blow some clays out of the air tomorrow.


So overall the show was a little disappointing, but still interesting.


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