Best Kids Presents For 2014 – Zombie Strike

The Nerf Zombie Strike Strike is the perfect tool to teach everyone how to survive the apocalypse in a safe and fun way. Buy a few of these and set up some ground rules for play and start training.

Some of the favorite nerf rules at our place:

  1. 3 hits and you’re out.
  2. Inflate a balloon and tape it to your chests. Last person with their balloon wins. (Warning, this one can get really crazy.)
  3. Asynchronous tag team. With 4 people break up into 2 team.  Set a 1 minute timer on your phone or clock. Take turns with 1 person out on each team for that 1 minute. Defending against 2 people can be crazy fun.

As always, be safe and have fun. Don’t do anything that might get someone hurt.

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