Training Clays – Ry Got The Rabbit!

I was going to head out this morning by myself to bust some clays but my son and his friend were a little bored so we all piled into the truck and went together. It was a beautiful day out today – and may be the last before it starts to get cold. Rumor has it the winter is going to start this week for real. Hopefully we will get some snow this week!

Just like last time I couldn’t hit anything at the Rabbit station. But my son did a little better than I did.

This way Ry’s first shot at the rabbit. (Slowed down.) He was a bit behind it.



This is Ry’s second shot at the rabbit, and he nailed it. We were both so happy we were cheering.



The boys had a good time and that is really all that matters.


Date Benelli M2 Rounds Fired Comment
09/14/2014 120 First clays of 2014 season.
10/05/2014 120 Solo day.
10/10/2014 110 A bit cloudy, but a beautiful day.
10/19/2014 120 I kicked butt on the beginner/intermediate stations but got my butt kicked by the rabbit.
10/25/2014 6 First duck hunt of the season. Got 1 wood duck using Kent FastSteel #4.
11/09/2014 100 Took my Ry and Jonathan out to practice. Was a mild and very nice day.

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