I’m sorry, the world isn’t going to hell because of a few mall stores selling crap to teenagers and it is not being consumed alive by the “takers” who apparently surf all day and eat food stamp lobsters all night (if you watch that channel you know what I’m talking about).

No, what is destroying us is greed. The greed of the top 1% who already have everything, and it is still not enough. They think that getting rid of minimum wage is great because they can essentially force the lower classes into indentured servitude. Work longer hours and never have a chance to break free, all while driving profits up at the corporate office. Stop food stamps and school assistance, because that money could go back to the rich as tax rebates or reductions.

If you want to know who is destroying our great country, it is those who want to drive down labor, suppress the vote, and keep us all from sharing in the prosperity that our country really has.

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