The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 15)

Episode 15, Us


Us starts off with Glenn and team scientist walking down the tracks. The smart guy scientist, Eugene, is talking non stop, apparently hitting on Tara. The best scene happens the next morning when Glenn sees one of the signs Maggie left. he takes off running in full riot gear.

After the commercial break we get a brief glimpse of Daryl at the marauder camp and then it cuts to Rick, Michonne and Carl walking on the tracks before going back to Daryl in the woods hunting a rabbit. One of the other marauders puts an arrow into Daryl’s rabbit right as he shoots and then claims the kill for his own. Some smack is talked and Daryl is about to kill the jackass when the rest of the asshole squad shows up. The leader of the marauders lays out the “claim” rules and then splits the rabbit to keep the peace. When they start walking again the marauder leader is trying to talk Daryl into staying. But Daryl is feeling lost and sad. Why isn’t he going after Beth? He should have left these clowns and found a vehicle to track whomever stole Beth.2014_TWD_BethMissing

Team Marauder stops at a garage and Daryl refuses to play the “Claimed Game” and ends up sleeping on the floor. In marauder camp the rabbit guy plants the other half of the rabbit in Daryl’s bag only to have it backfire on him. The rabbit thief ends up getting beaten to death. While Team Daryl is walking they see a sign for Terminus but more importantly we find out the Marauders are hunting Rick. They were the bad guys in the house a few episodes ago when he had to escape the house. Now they want him to pay for killing one of their own.

Team Glenn is still on the tracks but there is a bit of consternation because Glenn wants to keep going but Abraham wants to stop and take a break. Glenn trades his riot gear to Eugene to keep Abraham marching for the rest of the day. They keep walking and find another sign at a bridge tunnel. In front of them is a long dark tunnel. (Does anyone have any flashlights?) Yes they do. Abraham, Eva, and Eugene split up while Glenn and Tara head into the tunnel. Deep inside they find a horde of undead half buried in a rock slide, but no Maggie. The collapse reveals another tunnel above which they climb into only to find themselves surrounded by a horde. Glenn wants to fight his way through but Tara is being more reasonable, telling him they just don’t have the strength or firepower. They leave the flashlight on one side to draw the walkers and try to sneak away on the other, but Tara trips and finds herself stuck by a boulder.

After the split Team Scientists clears a few vehicles and Eugene goes off on Eva about who gets to be the navigator. I love to hate Eugene, he’s such a twelve year old stuck in a man’s body. The whole time Eugene is fighting he is actually setting this up to try and get back to Glenn and Tara. As everyone is screaming Eugene is trying to get their attention. Something is coming out of the end of the tunnel. Back inside Glenn and Tara are about to get eaten when Team Scientist shows up and blows some walkers away with the help of Maggie!

Glenn and Maggie are back together! And Glenn is such a good guy that he gives Tara decent back story that doesn’t involve helping to kill Maggie’s dad. The now enlarged team Glenn has a strategy discussion. Abraham wants to go straight to Washington D.C. but Eugene says they should go to Terminus first. They need supplies to make it to their final destination.

Team Glenn reaches Terminus with little fanfare. There is a sign saying to lower your weapons and it appears like there is a lot of agriculture going on, but no people are immediately in sight. When they finally see someone “Mary” greets them and tells them she will help get them settled. She has a nice smile but I’m already thinking something insidious is going on in Terminus.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Abraham saying his theory about Tara being in love with Glenn is shot after he saw her looking at Eva.
  • Glenn taking off running when he sees the sign from Maggie on the tracks.
  • Eugene – “You are seriously hot Tara.” Tara – “I like girls. ” Eugene – “I know.”
  • Glenn and Maggie are back together!
  • Maggie’s face lighting up as she is talking to Glenn. True love is so beautiful.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The marauder leader cuts the rabbit in half while it still had its guts in. That would ruin all the meat.
  • Eva put pants and long sleeves on. First I was mad because she was nearly naked in the apocalypse. Then I was mad because she wasn’t.
  • (Why does Eugene remind me of me in highschool?)
  • When the rabbit planting dude is getting taught his lesson they are really going to town. That kind of beating would easily kill someone. (Which we find out a few minute later they actually did.)

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