Congrats To Team USA

Congratulations to the United States World Cup team for surviving a brutal game against Ghana. Ghana played a very physical game and put more balls on net than the United States, but luckily Tim Howard, Team USA Goalkeeper, had a great game.

Even being up a point for most of the game, it was a scary game to watch. After the first, almost instantaneous goal from Clint Dempsey Team US was out shot and barely seemed to keep position for more than a few touches, all the while getting pushed and smacked around. Then, with less than ten minutes left we let up a goal, only to get an awesome header from a corner to put us back up.

For a game where we had the lead for the vast majority of the time, I was tense the whole time.

Now we just have to wait until Sunday and hope Team USA can recover and put forth a strong showing against Portugal.


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