Shooting Clays & Dove Clays

My youngest and I went out to the range today to shoot some clays. I unknowingly had purchased some “Dove” clays which turned out to make for an interesting day. The picture below shows the “Dove” clay at 60mm next to a more standard “Quail” clay at 90mm. If you are used to shooting at “Standard” 108mm clays or “Quail” clays at 90mm – the 60mm “Dove makes for a much harder to hit flyer.



My son shooting “Dove” clays with his Franchi 12G. He’s only gone through maybe three or four hundred shells with his new Franchi but is rapidly getting used to the 12G.

During my rounds I would put one round in the side saddle and one in the chamber. My would launch a clay, cycle it, and launch another as fast as he could.

Fast reload with a stove pipe failure to eject thrown in for fun:

Another fast reload with no failure to eject:

I have to say that this is actually why I much prefer a pump. Most failures can be quickly cleared and you can keep shooting. Give me a pump action any day in a survival situation.

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