Sporting Clays – Walking Wounded Edition

Against my better judgement I went and shot some clays today. I know, I’m about to have back surgery, but I figured it would be the last time I could go for a few months, so I better try. I couldn’t do a full hundred round, but I did finish a set of fifty before I just couldn’t walk any further.

But it was well worth it, my buddy, his two daughters, and his son in law met me and my nephew this morning to bust come clays.

The score breakdown:

  • In first place Sean had an amazing day with a 42, which was lucky for him as before the match I was talking to his wife and we agreed that anything under 40 meant she would have to find a manlier man. But he kicked some ass and gets to keep his woman.
  • In second place Logan and I tied at 39 and we had a very short “shoot off” to see who took second. First missed clay loses. He hit/missed on the first round, and I hit/hit, so into second place I went!
  • In third place, Logan. (Because he lost the “shoot off” – but who is rubbing it in.)
  • In fourth place – Jacqueline. Good shooting girl!
  • In fifth place – Vaughn, beaten and destroyed by his eldest daughter, but he was also getting used to his new gun. And what I nice gun it was. He just purchased a very niceĀ Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon this week and has now made my nephew want one – very badly. It shoot nice and has a great sight picture down the ribs. Definitely worth the money.2014_Beretta_SilverPigeon
  • In sixth place we have a relatively new shooter, Vaughn’s 10th grade daughter, who had some nice shots. Keep shooting and you will beat your dad in no time.

My Clay Shooting History:

February 16, 2014 39/50
January 25, 2014 58/100
December 28, 2013 38/50
December 27, 2013 31/50
December 21, 2013 37/50
December 15, 2013 34/50
December 1, 2013 32/100

Today’s Scorecard:


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