The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 14)

Episode 14, The Grove


The Grove starts with an uber creepy scene of a kid playing with a zombie in the yard, then cuts to Carol and the girls, hiding under a train trestle. Lizzie is talking to Carol, telling her how she had to shoot some people to save Tyrese.

The next day Carol is bandaging Tyrese and tell shim there is something wrong with Lizzie, she doesn’t see the walkers for what they are. Then, in what is probably some sad foreshadowing, Carol says that Lizzie’s sister doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  Which is the same thing Carol said about her daughter earlier.

As Carol and Lizzie’s sister are talking the wonder into a wooded grove with a house in the distance. The same house we saw in the opening scenes with the kid playing chase with a walker.

Team Carol make their way into the house in the grove and see the smoke from a fire in the distance. I guess the shack Daryl and Beth burnt down isn’t that far away, and turned into a decent sized blaze.

Carol and Tyrese go inside to clear the house and Lizzie’s sister is forced to kill a walker, which freaks Lizzie out because she thinks the walkers are people.

Team Carol goes inside for the night and settles down. Lizzie’s sister wants to live there, but no one really responds.

The next morning Lizzie is playing tag with a walker and Carol “saves” her by killing the walker. Lizzie then loses it, screaming at Carol that she killed her friend.

The key turning point for this episode appears to be the “swap” between which sister is the stronger one, with Mika taking the lead over her older sister Lizzie.

Lizzie is losing her mind, and puts everyone in danger (again) when she goes out to the tracks to feed the wounded walker and in the process bringing a crispy hoard of burnt walkers down on everyone. There is a short but sweet battle and both Lizzie and Mika end up shooting some walkers – which I hope means they are both “okay” now. But I’m not sure if it did. Lizzie tells Carol “I know what I need to do now.” And that scared me. I think she is going to let herself get bit.

The next day Tyrese and Carol are talking again and he is telling her how much he thinks about his sister. I am hoping Carol isn’t dumb and doesn’t tell him what she did. She’d be a moron to do it!

OMG – Carol and Tyrese leave Lizzie alone with the other kids? WTF? And Lizzie kills her own sister? Please god just blow Lizzie’s head off, she deserves it. Come on, what are you going to do, you can’t ever trust Lizzie again or leave her alone. It is time to put her down, she’s a rabid dog.

Carol takes care of Mika but then they are in the house and Tyrese isn’t sure what to do. Carol knows that they can’t let Lizzie around other people, but no one is saying the obvious. Carol talks herself into it and takes Lizzie out to the flowers to put her down. It was sad and horrible but it needed to be done.

In the very last moments of the episode Carol pushes her pistol across the table and confesses to Tyrese that it was her who killed his sister. He asks if his sister knew what was happening and Carol shakes her head no, telling him it was quick. Tyrese grips the gun and struggles, then tells Carol that he forgives her. (I half expected Tyrese to pick up the gun and shoot Carol after he forgave her.) And then he tells her they don’t need to stay. I guess he wants to be around other people now.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carol’s brass knuckle knife.
  • Lizzie’s sister saying “You’re not even grossed out by dead rabbits.”
  • Lizzie feeding the mouse. Bad, but badly awesome.
  • Crispy walkers. Awesome effects.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • OMG – Carol is telling Lizzie how her daughter didn’t have a mean bone in her body and Lizzie says “Is that why she isn’t here?” What a little beech.
  • Carol’s heart breaking speech to Lizzie’s sister about being tough, and not relying on just running – that is how her own daughter died.
  • What the hell do you do with someone having a mental breakdown in the TWD world? I almost think they need to do something with Lizzie before she does something really crazy.
  • Who let’s Mika carry the carbine? I’d worry about the kick as well as her wasting ammo. And not taking the shot at the deer!
  • Tyrese is having fever dreams – don’t leave him alone. If he turns in his sleep you’re all walker food. Always keep on eye on the wounded.
  • Carol and Tyrese go for long walks with crazy Lizzie in the house? Does that make any sense?
  • OMG, Lizzie killing Mika was the worst thing I’ve seen since the violence in Saving Private Ryan – and I don’t mean the gore, I mean the emotional impact.

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