Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 20

Episode  20,  Echo House


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 20 starts with the heart breaking departure of Styles as he is admitted into a psychiatric facility. As soon as he is admitted a man jumps from the stairs and hangs himself and when he looks down we see the creepy Styles Teeth Monster.

Back at the house Dr. Deaton is telling everyone that the lichen they injected Styles with won’t cure him, it will only hold off the demon inside him for a little while.

Styles wakes up and isn’t very happy with his decision to lock himself up for everyone elses safety. The nut house is full of creepy people.

Both Derek and Mr. Argent are in the prison, trying to decide whether Styles can be saved or not and how much of him is actually left.

During group Styles is seeing his crazy toothy friend and the therapist apparently knows what is going on. She gives him meds to keep him awake. The team has until the marks on his body go away to save him, or the therapist is going to put him down. Everyone wants to kill Styles!

As always, the story is going in several directions at once. The team has to rob an armored car to get the evidence the police have that may have a scroll that they need to save Styles.

Styles walks in on the fox girl he helped save. She’s showering in the boy’s room because the men’s room has a hotter shower. She apparently has no nudity taboo because she never wore clothes as a fox. She isn’t so happy that she was turned back into a human, but she’s willing to help Styles because he thinks there might be a path to turn her back. With her help he is able to get into the basement (although why he would want to go there I have no idea) with the help of fox girl.

With the keys he heads downstairs, again I have no idea why. As he’s trying to get to the basement he gets caught, and after he gets put into the quiet room they also dose him with a sedative, putting poor sweet Styles to sleep, and directly into his nightmare. Just when we think he’s about to give in to tooth monster the foxy girl saves him, waking him up, and telling him there is another path into the basement.

When the team tries to kick off their plan to get the scroll from the silver finger they run into a new player, a huge dude who is also a wolf. Big wolf proceeds to kick the snot out of everyone (just like every fight in teen wolf goes for the good guys) right up until the twins show up and come to the rescue.

Styles and the foxy girl make it into the basement, but he’s not sure what to do once he’s there. Unfortunately the marker lines on his back are going away, but at least he got to hold the foxy girls hands. And then Styles gets lucky. Fox girl wants more than a kiss. (What about a condom MTV?)

After the twins kick the crap out of the big wolf Scott spares the new wolf. They are there to save a life, not take one.

Back in the basement foxy girl has a moment of post coitus clarity, and shows Styles that the wall with the number on it is actually a false opening hiding a body. Just when you thought foxy girl and Styles had a path forward the crazy roommate attacks them with a stun gun. Foxy girl gets a dose of sedatives and then the crazy roommate picks up a drill.  Time for some head drilling. Creepy roommate (Oliver) is about to drill into Style’s head but the tooth monster tells Oliver to start with the girl.

Great, no Styles has to choose between Foxy Girl he just got lucky with and letting the demon take him over. What choice did he have.

The end of the episode raps up with two items. The first is that they might be able to expel Styles’ demon by turning him to a wolf, and the other is that Foxy Girl was discharged and is also looking for him.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The psychiatric facility (Echo House) was well done. Way creepy.
  • Fox girl’s first kiss.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Styles being in so much pain.  I hate seeing him like that.

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