The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 12)

Episode 12, Still


Still, starts off with Beth and Daryl running from a horde. They hide in the trunk of a car as a lightening storm rages and walkers pound on the trunk. Eventually the walkers stop and B&D escape into the daylight. They scavenge some stuff from the car (not sure why yet) and then are on their way.

The two of them apear to be setting up a new camp. Daryl goes hunting and fails to get a squirrel (which costs him a bolt) but does get a rattler with a stick and his knife. Also, as a flashback to the very first camp, they hang some metal bits on ropes to alert them to walkers. While they are eating Beth tells Daryl she wants a drink, a real drink, but Daryl ignores her as he munches down on his snake.  Beth heads off into the woods, and finds herself in the path of several walkers. (Did she really go into the woods with just a knife? It seems like a club would be easy enough to make out in the woods.)

Beth doesn’t want to stay stuck out in the woods, which causes a bit of… munch, gurgle, munch chew, I lost the argument as my youngest at a granola bar in my ear. Daryl apparently gives in because he lets Beth drag his butt to a defunct golf course, because golfers like to booze it up.

Inside the golf course club house Beth and Daryl find some awesome Christmas decorations. There are quite a few walkers hanging from ropes. It looks like a group of survivors were living in the club house and didn’t make it. As Daryl is grabbing some money (I guess old habits die hard) the walkers they’d seen in the distance close in and try to get through the front door, forcing B&D to flee deeper into the clubhouse. While Beth is looking for booze she runs into a well dressed walker and puts it down at the cost of her bottle of wine.

What happened at the clubhouse? Clearly there were survivors there for a while. And someone lined up some of their bodies. Did the last few run for it? Or are they still roaming around the dark club house basement?

As they are exploring the basement they are forced to run from a a horde which leads to an awesome zombie by golf club death. Go Daryl. Beth is excited when they find the bar, even if Daryl is skeptical. Beth finds some peach schnapps but seems very nervous about taking the drink. She breaks down as she is looking at the bottle. Daryl shatters it, not letting her disobey Hershel just yet.

B&D escape back into the woods but Daryl isn’t as talkative as Beth would like. Daryl leads Beth to a moonshiners cabin he found a while ago with Michonne. Apparently Beth isn’t allowed to drink peach schnapps but white lightening is okay. She offers him a drink but he tells her he can’t, he’s on watch.

As Daryl is fortifying the house he opens up just a bit to Beth, and she turns out to be a horrible influence, convincing him to take a drink. You get the sense as Daryl is talking that being back in that moonshiners house is kind of like returning home, and that is sad. The other world, the one with walkers might just be better as far as Daryl is concerned.

For someone who never drank, Beth seems to know a thing or two about drinking games. They talk back and forth, each of them having to drink if the statement was true. Beth insults Daryl a little and he gets up and pees in the living room before going off on a rant about how much Beth had and he didn’t. It is a sad side of Daryl we’ve never seen before. I almost think the directors are trying to make us not love Daryl so much. But it won’t happen. He’s still the best.

Beth and Daryl yell at each other. Daryl is mad that she had such a privileged life, and Beth is mad that Daryl sees her as a “dead girl” – someone who is going to die. Daryl is ranting, he truly believes that everyone is dead, and he blames himself for not seeing what happened at the prison.

As the day grows longer Daryl and Beth are friends again. They open up some more, talking about their pasts and who they were and loved.

And I think we hear something prophetic. Beth tells Daryl he will be the last man standing, and that he will her when she’s gone. She tells him he needs to be who is is, not who he was, and they should burn down the moonshiners shack. Clearly it represents Daryl forgetting his past and moving forward. It was very touching.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The storm trunk scene. Daryl is way to calm, just the guy you want to be locked in a trunk with when walkers are trying to get in.
  • Beth making fire with some car parts.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Beth making fire with some car parts. Come on, that was way to easy.
  • Let’s follow some simple rules. Why did B&D separate in the clubhouse. It just doesn’t make sense in that environment.
  • Daryl feeling so much pain over the loss of the prison. It wasn’t his fault.
  • Did Rick never think about what could happen if the fences at the prison came down? They had the bus and some escape plan, but no real rally point? No where for everyone to run and meet if the shit hit the fan?

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