The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 13)

Episode 13, Alone


Alone starts with a flashback to a lone survivor working his way through the woods, sad, and alone, resting wherever and whenever he can. Then Daryl and Glenn find him and pull him into the group and things jump back to current time, with everyone spread out and lost from each other.

Right after Glenn and Daryl take in Bob the episode cuts over to Maggie and team, stuck in the fog and surrounded by walkers. The three of them have formed a loose circle and are doing their best to hold their own but are overrun. A short brutal fight for survival takes place, and the three of them barely make it out alive.

Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and they sneak up on a walker but Beth steps on a trap? She’s hurt and Daryl is forced to support some of her weight. Good Guy Daryl (GGD) gives her a piggy back, making him both a hero, and  lucky. Beth is a cutie. And Daryl ends up holding hands with her! For just a moment it looks like she is going to rest her head on his shoulder too.

Maggie and team make it out of the fog and find one of the signs for Terminus. Sasha doesn’t want to go, but Maggie is convinced that Glenn would head for safety as well. In the end they head out for what they hope is safety.

Daryl and Beth flee into a church/funeral home. Inside they find walkers who were dressed and made up to look more “normal”. If I was Daryl or Beth I wouldn’t be so calm around a body until I put a hole in its head for good measure – just to be sure.

When Daryl and Beth find some food in the funeral home he tells her they will take some and leave the rest because it looks like someone has been tending to the place. Daryl secures the place and then relaxes, listening to Beth sing.

Meanwhile Maggie has left Sasha and team, not wanting them to risk their lives for her and her search for Glenn.  I appreciate Maggie’s desire not to have others risk themselves, but really? Going out on your own? While she’s walking on the tracks she is attacked by a single walker and knocks it down, cutting it open. The question is – was she doing it to look for eaten friends and family or so she could use its gore to hide herself as she walked? Nope, she was just looking for paint.

Back at the church Daryl and Beth are about to eat when a dog interrupts them, momentarily bringing them to the door. That night as they are eating Beth writes a thank you note, telling Daryl she wants to make sure whomever house they are in knows they appreciate what they found in the church. Daryl isn’t so sure she should write the note, he is willing to stick around, maybe stay there. Beth asks him what changed his mind, and she looks at him and realizes that it is her. Just when you think it is going to be a happy moment they hear the dog again but when Daryl opens the door walkers are there, busting their way in.

Daryl fights a total awesome fight, downing at least a dozen walkers as he buys Beth time to escape. When he makes it out of the house and onto the road he told her to meet him on he finds her pack, and then a late model car speeding off. Someone stole Beth!!!

Maggie is walking the tracks and leaving bloody notes behind for Sasha and Bob. Sasha wants to stop but Bob wants to keep moving. He doesn’t want to leave her alone, remembering how bad it was when he was all by himself. Bob won’t give up on following Maggie, but Sasha wants to stop when they reach the first few buildings they find. Then Bob tries something new, kissing Sasha, trying to get her to come with him. She watches him walk away and then heads into town. Amazingly, as Sasha is looking out a window she sees Maggie lying on the ground, but she triggers a walker storm by dropping the window from the building.

Sasha and Maggie go back to back to kick some walker ass. If I were Sasha I would be pissed at Maggie. She shouldn’t have run off, it is not good team dynamics. At least Maggie apologizes, even if Sasha doesn’t seem all that mad.

Daryl is forced to track the car as far as he can, exhausting himself as he tries to keep pace with a car. He is on the ground, not paying attention when some new characters enter. Joe and his raiding team invite Daryl to join them, and at least for the moment, it looks like he is going to take them up on it.

The last scene of the episode is of Maggie, Bob, and Sasha getting back together.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Daryl, Glenn, and Beth have joined up.
  • Daryl and Beth having a bonding moment. It would be nice if Daryl had someone.
  • Daryl not wanting to take all the supplies in the church because it looks like someone has been tending to the place. GGD didn’t want to take everything from someone else.
  • Maggie taking a zombies head off with a road sign.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Beth and Daryl were just a little too relaxed around those bodies. For all they knew they were going to start biting. put a hole in their heads first, then relax.
  • Beth being stolen just as she and Daryl’s relationship was starting to heat up.
  • Why in the world would Sasha head off on her own in that world? It makes no sense. Being alone means dying the first time there is trouble or you get sick.
  • No one seems to worry about zombie blood in their mouths or eyes.

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